Vaasthu Shastra Tips for TreesVastu Shastra and Street Focus subject | Road Thrust | Hit | Drusti | Look | Impression | Stroke | Spear | Beating | Concentration | Energy Throwing | Blow | Attacking | Injecting | Street Punch | Road Blow: Striking | House | Factory | Plot | Site | Villa : (The concentration of attention or energy on something., which a maximum clarity or distinctness of an street optical system) Among many recent researches street focus or street thrust (Road, Veedhi potu, vidhipotu, Vidhisula, vedhisoola, street shula, shoola, sula, Veedhisula, Vheedhi Choopu, Kutthu or Kuttu, road hitting, look, attention, attraction, looking, dashing, street hitting, Road Thrust, Hit, Shot, Drusti, Vastu drishti, Look, Impression, Stroke, Concentration, energy throwing, Blow, Attacking, Injecting, property is beaten by a road) and its effects is prominent. In the earlier period there does not appear that streetthrusts was a prominent aspect of vastu shastra. However modern scholars have done extensive research on the same and unearthed several facts unknown till now. We at here need to find out many new things in vastu like not only the broad street focus and our views always be including as changes may be common if narrow avenue or passage vistas, for example a focus between rows of trees or rows of houses or gap created in between the homes too, we never leave any thing in our observations. Finally need to establish a wonderful science to the public for their safe, happy and peaceful life.

Results will be vary which these points are the considerable depending things. Degrees of the property, Road Formation, width of the property, Focus of the Street, Depth of the street, Obstructions in between Street thrust and property, Trees in between both road focus and house, is that property is an apartment flat or independent home, comparison of floor levels of both road and house,  is there others homes are there at backyard of this house or the backyard is totally vacant, is that road is exactly Northeast or it bent down towards North and like wise there are many other points to be considered when checking with street focus.

If one wants to know the good or bad effects of the street thrusts such houses having street thrust will have to be identified and examine the exact state of residence. One has to study the residents over the years how prosperous or other wise and then draw inferences. One cannot draw any conclusions based on superficial observations alone. Lets take an example of Northeast road focus. As per vastu such street focus is generally greatly beneficial to the occupants. Yet this may not be always so. (This matter is came from How is it only some are prospering and some others not so? And on other hand suffering ? how is it that some or caught in explainable entanglements ? some utterly poor becoming very rich beyond imagination and some not so? What could be the reason for such observable variations in the end. Is it that one’s life is guided by horoscope or by the vastu of the house. There are instances where people have progressed to an exalted state and all of sudden lost every thing also ! is it fate? Should one be a victim of fate alone ? Does one have to forget the idea of progress? There should be in our opinion, indeed be a remedy for this malady.

If one has a headache mere thinking about it is not a solution. Instead a tablet would do the trick. How ever it is easier said than done in respect of the problems one faces in life. Effort of mankind is always to find solutions, for such seeming insolvable situations. Mankind, since industrial revolution, has indeed solved many unimaginable things. The situation has also become fertile to fraudulent people and cheats too. We came across an important and interesting incident / situation in this regard.

Even Alley also creating the thrust to the property, Alley (A small or narrow road or street with walls on both sides) these are very common in many places in many countries, for easy understanding you may check the corridor at Apartments. There is some slip thrusts or splay focuses etc. Becareful when you deal with focuses. Its not easy to decide by having books/website knowledge.

Vastu shastra is a proven and a practical science. An innocent person became a victim to a fake vastu consultant. This happened in Nalgonda District. On the request of a Jawan of Armed forces we studying his house in a remote corner of his district. (Incidentally Its well known that my vastu consultation to members of Armed forces is free). While we were seeing his house, he narrated a peculiar incidence in the house of one Bheema Naik (name changed), since his condition was miserable, he consulted a fake vaastu scholar and sought his advice. (This matter is came from That cheat saw a golden goose in Naik and gave him a Talisman and asked Naik to worship the same for seven days and then hang it right opposite the main entrance and do daily prayer to that, and charged a sum of two thousand rupees as initial advance and later twenty thousand rupees as fees and also feed seven scholars for seven days. (This matter is came from he was continuously extracting money from him, thereafter too and promised that within twenty one days every thing would be resolved. Poor Naik was an easy victim. Even after several months, the problems remained as they were. Naik felt he was cheated and wanted to confront the impostor. It was too late, he could not locate him. Many of the people do not like to pay the vastu scholar his legitimate fees and fall easy victims in the end (to such fake scholars and in fact loose far more in the bargain). All this happens because of improper vastu of his own house. A genuine vastu scholar does not recommend Talismans, pooja, and the like, if he recommends they will definitely works. He always fears of his reputation. Experts always protecting their reputation. He looks at the house and physical environs and makes his recommendations.

No doubt fate is fatal. Yet one has to face the same and try to overcome. The one boon God gave us in this regard is Vastu. Earlier saints have written several treatises on this subject, also present scholars have contributed to this science tremendously by conducting original researches in various aspects of vastu, Their struggle in this regard has indeed been phenomenal. One street thrust brings fortune to one family and the same may not be so to another. Studying all these varying aspects and coming to logical conclusions has indeed been a great feat accomplished by the present day scholars.

How the Focuses are forming, on what basis it is working :

House having extension in NE, outside the house. Let us first we examine this formation of Road focuses, how they are formed and how they are focusing on the properties. If Northeast of our residence is extended it has beneficial effects on the residents of such house, let us for the present leave aside the quantum of extension and examine the types of extension so as to understand the subject in a comprehensive manner. Check this image, there is extension towards Northeast to the property which is more beneficial, the extension here is towards one direction like Northeast, if the extension is gradually develops, it may seems to be a path, let us check the below images, then we may understand the street focus formation to a property. We should not forget about this is a very huge subject in vastu shastra, we wrote one vastu shastra street focus English book which explores the effects of street focuses on the properties. We are trying to release this street focus book in all Indian languages, you are aware that how trouble a book has to be translated perfectly, anyway we released in total two languages, both are available in the above link.

Formation of Streets

Street Focus Formation Image :

In this construction there is significant extension of the house in the Northeast, it was outside and adjoining the house. Is this beneficial or otherwise ? It’s a well known fact that if Northeast side is constricted (in house construction), it is harmful and not otherwise. In this image construction Northeast corner is extended more than in this image, such extension is distinctly twice over. You will see in this figure the transformation of NE extension into street focus, this is shown comprehensively as a street focus, check this image to understand more better. Or otherwise its easier to understand that if there is a open place at this corner and it was gradually extending to the Northeast corner and further more and more then it become just like a street, one may observe the matrix development of the street thrust here, that you may observe the further matrix at below images. To understand this subject we shown few images which organised the information to be clearly understand to the readers.

Twice the formation

Comprehensive formation :

Here you may understand the trice in developing the Northeast side. Now check the final image to understand the full formation of a street. Small street means limited results, bigger street left high volume results, this is natural. Once we come across of this subject with discussion we may not believe that how wider this subject has, its a colossal and drastic knowledge based wing in vastu shastra. We wrote 270 pages book on this subject, we covered only 1% or 2% of this subject, so one may easily understand how biggest branch is this. Once we practically check about this subject some times we may thrilled how a small street giving rich in results and how a wide street is not even giving any results to the properties. We are planning to cover many important things of this section in our website. Observe the menu links to reach to the concerned links.

Twice the formation
Complete Formation :

Now we have seen how certain constructions or places them selves are transformed as street focus, same could be construed for plots too. This is just explained for one’s understanding. This does not mean that every construction can be construed to be transforming as a street thrust. Some people comprehend a street thrust immediately. Some even could comprehend its consequences and some others their benevolent or malevolent effects rather acutely as also remedial measures for the same. How ever we were trying to explain all these phenomena not for scholars but for ordinary earthly people keen to know and hence often side step to explain more comprehensively. When a person having no knowledge of subject reads this book he will be happy to know as it satisfies his logical mind. Others who already are familiar with the subject would appreciate as their knowledge gets acknowledgement and know a bit more. Further people well versed in the subject, even while just glancing through the pages, would appreciate the efforts put in by the other and may even try to talk to him to complement him for the job done well.

Is this street focus

As for our self we are trying to be as comprehensive as possible, so that even ordinary folk, not familiar with the subject may grasp it well. Having seen the order of transformation one can visualize what a street thrust is all about. Its important to know, as to which part (direction) of the house is facing the street thrust as also from where such thrust has originated. Simply put, the effect of street thrust is similar to the effect of having an entrance door at that point for going and coming into the house (we know a door in west and south is beneficial and a door at ESE, SSW, SW, WSW, NW, NNW are indeed harmful) it must be well understood that evaluating a street thrust and its effects either malevolent or benevolent will have to be done carefully after establishing the fact of street thrust, comprehensively by physical evaluation alone, we will see this aspect later in our Book.

There are instances where effects of such street thrusts could be enormously increased or minimized. For instance if a house faces a malevolent street thrust the consequences are indeed disastrous. However in the given situation had there been a perimeter wall in conformity with vastu science (described more comprehensively in subhavaastu a modern book releasing shortly ), the malevolent effects could be greatly reduced.

The external geographical features of the house – street thrust levels extensions or otherwise high raise mounds constructions, lakes, water bodies, drains and low lying areas etc – all these come under the generic name of neighborhood vastu. One’s own compound wall and construction within alone are household vastu. This neighborhood also affects the vastu of one’s house. Depending upon one’s own construction the effects can be moderate (whether good or otherwise) or rather severe. It is for this reason, mature vastu scholars urge for the proper vastu consultation before undertaking any purchase of plot or construction at site. If a house Is vastu compliant – the residents will enjoy benevolent effects even though slowly in the beginning. It is but natural to conclude that as the period of the residents increases prosperity also becomes enhanced. One should, rather not live in a non vastu compliant house for longer period. Even if the earlier period is indeed good one may have to face tough times ahead.

In so far as street thrusts and their effects are concerned, an best vastu expert alone would be able to discern and reveal the same. Otherwise with incomplete knowledge results would be disastrous.

The street in front of the house itself could cause a street thrust (good or otherwise), exposing such things and remedial measures if required are indeed in the domain of a competent vastu scholar alone. At times such revelations could be stunning. Vastu is an applied science.

We should always remember one cardinal principle. What ever be the surroundings our home should atleast be vastu compliant, for we may not be able to modify or correct external surroundings by applying remedial measures in our own house. It is however possible to mitigate some of the influences of external factors. Such street thrusts are a part of neighborhood vastu.

Please observe this animated image, where road is hitting the home, let us examine how such veedhi sula affect the home. Where does the street gains strength to either be benevolent or malevolent ? This can only be assessed by seeing the street alone. What is Street Focus, if one road hits to a house or factory or any other property it’s called as Street Focus or road thrust, and also its called as Veedhi (Bheedhi) shoola, Shula or sula. Whether that road is in good place or bad place but the effect is so powerful. If one house is having good road focus then the residents of that house will be getting regular good alerts, all success, happy, health, wealth, joy, harmony, unexpected profits, sudden good happenings, profits, benefits, good news and etc. In other words a street ahead of a house is said to have its effect on the house, this effect is called as Street focus. The house or factory is said to have the positive or negative effects of the road focus. All road focuses do not have equal and same effects, different effects appear in different street focuses. For your easy observation and understanding purpose we prepared this image which a street is moving towards home and after words stars are blinking at the home. FYI.

Street Focus and Vastu Shastra

To be frank there are 16 street focuses in general to a house, plot, factory or any other construction. Some road focuses are blessing with good results to the residents and some are exchanging bad results to the residents. While we are in researching of street focuses, we observe so many astonishing things on these road focuses. Some Veedhi soola are which are said to be good street focuses are giving bad results to the residents, before we explain this information to the house owners, they said that some vastu pandits said that this veedhi shula is very good and etc. (This matter is came from Actually there is a technique in that place. The Place or house is not for 90 Degrees, that is the reason, some good street focuses are also giving bad results, any how if you observe any veedhi shula striking your house or factory , sincerely we are suggesting you please contact one EXPERIENCED VASTU CONSULTANT ONLY, don’t approach Quacks. If you really wants results then don’t see for fees of experienced vaastu consultant, actually the quality piece should always be costly.

Regarding street focuses care should be taken in the initial stage itself. It is always good for the house or factory owners. If neglect occurs, it will finally holds everything of yourself and crush with terrible powerful hands, not to experience the same better to don’t take own decisions and don’t approach quacks. Quacks always available for cheap rates and they attracts you with cheap price, finally they drag you for the duplicate poojas and bulk fees from you by saying all false things.

There are different kind of road focuses, good and bad, and there is also one important thing regarding street focuses is some veedhi shula are wide in length and short in width, these type of street focuses are also giving different results, taking one decision on road focus is not so easy, its a critical job for finding the complete, nature, phenomena,method of the street focus. Better to get a wise decision with expert, always its advisable. There are different kinds of road focuses, East, West, North, South, Nairuthi (Southwest), Vayavya (Northwest), Northeast, Southeast street focuses.

Before going to access the inner pages and street focus information, let us check this below images to understand better about thrusts. Street focus subject is a very biggest chapter. It requires more patience to observe the information here.

Observe the street and one house, this image is only for your kind understanding purpose. In this link we may learn about, how many street focuses and wider, thicker, thin, spread, bend, focus to many pointers and many more. All the images may be same to see, but there is a large range of effects incorporated with the street to a property.

Street focus effects

Another Street Focus :

Here the entire image is same, the house is also same, street is also coming from same way, only the difference is street width.

wide roads and its effects

Entire house is hitting by street :

Now observe the above all images, then you can easily find out the difference in Street spear, many called and asking about street spear hitting to a property, now observe the three changes to a property. Still there are many more road focuses are there.

full roads effects

Entire property is hitting by street focus :

Here entire property is hitting by street focus, its very bigger street or may the property is smaller one. Have you observe any type of such properties, there are many properties in many areas, for example, check the below another image for physical photo of a entire road spear, only one street spear, one house smaller road focus and one house is having total street focus.

total road hitting

Physical photo of a entire property :

This is an example image: Here there are some houses, one house is having entire street focus, another one is having partial focus, and there is one empty land constructed with bricks and it comes to exactly opposite to the street focus, we will discuss about most of the effects in coming links. This is for your kind information.

house hit by street

Full focus to a property :

Total entire property is under street thrust influence here.

Now we are discussing only about focus and its width, we are not discussing about its effects. In inner pages we will discuss on effects and its remedies.

Entire house is hitting by street

Street now bent and focus to the property :

One of the above same street focus, but came from different part (cross) and hitting the property.

cross street hitting

Wide street hitting from cross way :

Cross road hitting the home and occupying most of the property.

occupying the house with street spear

Bigger cross road :

Road came from little cross and hitting the entire property. Results may vary when compare with above almost same image.

When we are observing the street focuses on a particular property we should observe all other neighborhood positions and should take the decision whether to buy that property or not.

total house is occupied with cross street

Hitting from another side :

Many are asking about focus, see how many focuses are there. Still there are lots of focuses here. Let us check the below.

Now we are seeing only focuses, not their effects.

hit from another corner

Check the below image :

Little wide road hitting the property.

little wide road hitting

Too wide road hitting :

The wide road hitting the property, when ever we are evaluating the property, first we have to observe whether that property is a residential one or a factory or a shopping complex or a cine theater, or a petrol bunk or a marriage function hall or a apartment etc. Later you will know why should we see the nature of the property.

too wide road hitting the factory

Observe this below image to understand the different structure :

Patience, this is the key to learn things, in research we should observe many things, in this image, one horizontal line is hitting the property, but there is another road is passing vertical. So the horizontal road effect will be little bit changes.

cross road focuses

Wide vertical road :

Wide vertical street, this road may change the effects of the horizontal road effects of the property, but we should observe many things before coming to one decision on horizontal road effects.

wide horizontal road

Slippery street focuses :

There are some streets and those are diverted by some slippery way due to the half vertical roads or little cross road. This slippery word has to be used when there is a half circle moment is there in the vertical road. We should observe very keen and will find out only after investigation of the road and its nature of moments. Please note that there may not be slipping of the horizontal road due to this vertical road, there is no guarantee and definite, it should be detected only after personal visit.

Traffic is also diverting the effects of the streets. We will discuss many things later.

Slippery road hits

Another slipper road :

Seems to be you may be bored by seeing the same pictures but there are lots of many other things that we have to verify when street is hitting to a property. Please read the above para to this image. Most of the same things may applicable to this image.

another slipping road

Unseen / invisible / cheating street focuses :

Most of the road sulas that we come across are indeed visible and identifiable. These are not the only street shulas. There are several cases where there does not appear any street soola such things are detected only by an expert vastu consultant. One should be rather be wary of such street shula as some may be indeed devastating.

Only expert vastu consultant can easily find out the effects of this type of street focuses. Many common vastu pandits may not have much knowledge on these type of focuses. Some says that there is no road hitting, some says that only one way hitting, some says that two hitting. Whose words are correct. Let us make a full stop for all the doubts. How much traffic in this road, what is the level of road, it is elevated than the property or lower levels, to which side the road is moving, is this road is one way or two way, where is the pressure loaded to the property, after observing all these above and then only we have to come to the decision. Two hits are common to this property.

half circle road hitting

There are many street focuses, some are visible and some are hidden, let us check the below image :

Observe the road formation and hitting the property, is this road is really hitting this property or not ?, we should check the other properties constructed in between this road and house, if not shall we come to the decision that this road is hit ? That is why the most expert and best vastu consultants are not entertaining some of the questions raised over phone on these street focuses, because of many types. Just observe here, then you may understand how many types and varieties are there.

hidden street

Observe the below, change in road formation :

Only expert vastu consultant can easily find out the effects of this type of street focuses. Many common vastu pandits may not have much knowledge on these type of focuses. Some says that there is no street hitting, some says that only one way hitting, some says that two hitting. Whose words are correct. Let us make a full stop for all the doubts. How much traffic in this road, what is the level of veedhi, it is elevated than the property or lower levels, to which side the road is moving, is this road is one way or two way, where is the pressure loaded to the property, after observing all these above and then only we have to come to the decision. Two hits are common to this property.

half circle road hitting

“V” shaped road hitting :

Actually how many shaped roads are there ? now observe here the “V” shaped road and hitting the property in middle.

V shaped road

Another “V” shaped road :

The same “V” shaped road, but concentrating hitting area is different.

V shaped road hitting bottom of the property

Same road hitting but different area :

Same road, but hitting on different area of the property.

Hope now you may observe the several roads and hitting areas and different sizes, can we get answer from an best vastu pandit just by asking two or three questions on street focuses. It is highly impossible.

We have published only a small quantity of information with images, there are many more things are there, but we have to move to next pages to read some more interesting information on this subject.

V shaped road hitting bottom of the property

Let us check the general available information on Street focuses :

Now observe the general available 8 street focuses to the property. But there are some more focuses to the property which are shown in below image.

Eight directions thrusts

Now check the general available 16 thrusts to a property :

Now there are 16 (Sixteen) thrusts to a property. One by one :

1. Northeast focus

2. Northeast-east

3. East …. etc.

Below are the thrusts which shown in this image here.

total sixteen thrusts

The above image thrusts information :

1. Northeast Street focus

2. Northeast-east

3.East Road Focus

4. Southeast-east

5. Southeast Road Thrust

6. Southeast-south

7. South Road Focus

8. Southwest-south

9. Southwest Road Thrust

10. Southwest-west

11.West Road Focus

12. Northwest-west

13. Northwest Road Thrust

14. Northwest-north

15. North Road Focus

16. Northeast-north

The above image is when the property is towards 90 degrees, if the property is skewed property then the results may vary. Then how the image is looks like when the property is tilted.

Here the property is changed to another direction, it happened when the layout is like that, please note that directions never changed in any where. Only the properties are changed from 90 degrees upto 135 degrees or below 45 degrees. So the entire change is starts from 45 degrees to 135 degrees.

In this image, we have not shown the directions, this is only for your understanding purpose. Here we have not shown the directions anywhere like East or North or South etc.

Skewed property street focuses

Another tilted position :

Now come to this image. Here the property is towards another direction, the directions never changed here. Every thing is remains same, but the property is tilted. As we discussed earlier that at the time of layout the areas the area may not be directional formation. Due to this skewed properties may came out. These skewed properties are very very common in Delhi.

45 degrees property

We will discuss one by one in next links, you may click the above links or click the below next link to reach to the next level street focus link. Only the expert vastu consultant can find the road focus information to a property. If you would like to buy any property which is having any street focus then please find one best vastu consultant and show that property to him, without getting proper guidance, don’t buy the property. This is our sincere request to all of our visitors.

T Junction Effects :

When we check our vastu point of view of a home we may found many new things. Inside and outside there has to be many observations and investigations to be completed and there after we have to decide to buy the property or leave it and search for other properties to buy. While coming to the outside investigation there may be some street focus/bayonet hitting to the property as we discussed above and further there is a T Junction road hitting to some properties. While coming to T Junction properties, we should first check the direction of the place and there after we have to decide is that T-junction providing good results or bad results, in all directions like East, West, North and South we may find this T-junction hitting observed on properties, further we should observe from which direction this T-junction is hitting the property and which part of the home is affected by this T junction, based on that observation we should decide whether we have to buy or leave the property, one should not take the decision alone, it may not be suggested without experts opinion to buy these kind of properties.

45 degrees property

We never oppose for the remedies to the bad street focus effects, but if residents does made any mistakes them selves has to suffer and lost their resources. Some of vastu pandits stated that Keeping Lord Ganesha Idol in front of the Street focus will make eradicate the bad effects of the street focus. We never oppose this method, one may try to do it. But need to keep Lord Ganesha Idol which has proboscis / trunk towards right side only. Generally in temples Ganapathi proboscis / trunk will be towards left side. Some text is available in Dharma Sindhu and Nirnaya Sindhu regarding this easy remedy. Idol should be above one feet height and proboscis should be towards Right side only. Some vastu experts says that Kanudrusti Ganapathi photo is also enough to fight with the negative force. We never oppose for these treatments. We strongly believe that God is the supreme. Other than these two, we generally recommending plant trees to minimize the bad effects of the street focus and many other ideas to make the affected home to be positive, the ideas will be decided only after personally observed the property and evaluate properly, if there is no personal observation it may not be possible to treat for this focuses. Anyway once found that there is a Street thrust falls on a property then procrastination of action is danger. Act immediately to find a solution with experts or otherwise what is the benefits of bad effects may accumulated gradually. If its good effect no problem. If its bad effect, no body may save in future. Some body who has such features like exceptionally courageous or brave or lionhearted they also should face challenges when there is street focuses to a property either they may be psychopathic or physical or monetary.