Vastu for Office: It will not be enough if the residence alone is constructed according to vaastu. Vastu for office which is also equally important, should not only be scientifically suitable but also the furniture arrangement, the directionthat boss or employees facing while sitting or seating are also equally significant. What is wrong in the sitting posture?, what if things are placed in any direction are questions posed by inexperienced people. We have to ignore them. One should be very careful about vastu for office.

Vastu for Office

Most of the CEO/Chairman/MD/CMD/Directors were educated and some body may don’t like to follow vastu for their office premises. But this is a science, which provides us peace. When peace is near to us, when we reach our goals. Vastu for Office helps to reach targets, what else we are looking for? One has to worry regarding actual placement of the office placement visa vis other layouts. One must take into account the neighborhood of the office premises even those outside your own perimeter. We have to check the influence of other properties such as water bodies, tall constructions etc. Even the approach road or passage to the office (in a large hall) is equally important. It is very difficult to explain in detail every aspect here. Discuss this with an true-blue vastu expert to help you in this regard. Approach only the unwaveringly loyal or faithful staunch vastu expert.

Irrespective of the facing of the office certain basic ingredients have to be observed. The flooring of the office should gradually slope towards East or North. It should be so gradual that it is not normally observable. The head of the department should preferably sit in the West or South facing East or North as the case may be. There should be as little open space behind the head of the department as his convenience. A larger space should be towards East or North. If possible entry to the office should be from the Northeast

Visitors should sit towards East or North. If there is a pantry it should be best towards Southeast of the office. If there is a toilet it may be towards Northwest.

If its an accounts office while seating remains as already told his cash box or almirah should be kept on his Southern or Western side such that it faces North or East. If the office contains large number of files kept in almirah or cup boards such racks should be kept on Southern or Western sides of the office again they face East or North as case may be.

If there are passages in the office for regular moment of personal at the end of the passage there are cabins for the offices ensure that such passages are ending on the exalted sides of the cabins. The cabin doors should also be appropriately placed on the exalted sides only.

Failure to observe all these things would only mean a disjointed office where people start quarreling on irrelevant details and there is no synergy.

Some important points other than vastu is a good looking decorated entrance brings a pleasant fragrance and another thing regarding soft music will attract more customers. (This matter is from Now a days so many banks and offices are following this techniques.

A well placed aquarium or a fountain will have a soothing effect on the customers and guests. If the Fish aquarium is small in size when compare with office premises Northeast room is the best site, this is possible only when the entrance is in Northeast. If the aquarium is large in size locate it in South or West or even Southwest. Generally keeping Fish aquarium at entrance locations is also good thought, but has to check whether it is suitable according to vastu or not. If a property has Northeast entrance then keeping heavy Fish aquarium in that area is not advisable, if its mandatory to keep Fish aquarium in Northeast area then keep only the smaller one or the Fish aquarium may be kept in the wall. Don’t keep Fish aquarium on a big table at NE area. Again Fish aquarium keeping at NE is mandatory on the table, then keep it very near to the South wall or West wall. Don’t keep it at East or North wall. NE is abolished areas to keep Fish aquarium.

Broad entrance is important, remove the dirty furniture, well ventilated and good lighting brings luck to the premises. Bad odors, stink, dirty walls may keep away the clients, customers, friends, profits and needed persons.

A well finished old door looks mature and respectable, and indicates stability and promises better business. An old and shabby door which does not open freely, has a missing door knob should be repaired immediately.

Hanging a wind chime in the entrance and installing a statue of Lord Ganesha promotes positive energy, reduces work related tension, helps to keep away obstacles and intruders, and customers who have visited once are likely to visit again. Creaking doors and windows should be strictly avoided. When you observe sweeking doors oil them.

If there are permanent shelvings on the walls where files or articles or kept away that are not frequently used such shelving should only be towards South or West never towards North or East.

Now a days we observe many corporate companies started their transactions and set up their firms in many cities, due to their active role, real estate business also largely developed and prices also hike and not possible for a common man to buy a plot, house, flat easily.

SOHO : Small Office/Home Office is a different concept, many residents run their small office from their home only, in this case they keep one room as an office and remaining entire part used for residence purpose, in this case the office room should have interconnected if it was Northeast, there should not be interconnected door if the room was Northwest, for West and South facing houses, it has to be decided only after verifying the house plan.

Create a pleasing atmosphere which attracts customers. This is the primary condition. Use balanced lighting, fresh flowers, soothing colors, aesthetic interior decoration, sound-absorbent flooring and piped music to create the desired atmosphere. Display your company’s products, their photographs, or brochures about your services in the lobby or reception area. The products or the literature should be well lit by focused lights. (This matter is from Customer / visitor must be attracted towards them when he enters the reception counter / bar / bench area.

Design the Reception in the North-Eastern direction. But earmark the actual North-Eastern corner of the property for the image of a deity, or if nothing else, then decorate it well with light and flowers. Avoid having rest rooms in Eshan (Northeast) corner. This always proves disastrous results and blocks off growth and happiness in career and personal life.

Chairman or the General Manager chamber can be located in South-West (Nairuthi) or Southern or Western parts of the structure. It is desirable that he should sit in the South-West corner of his chamber in such a way that he faces East or North. If its multi storied office complex his chamber should be at the lowest floor. Usually Keep/place a heavy safe in the Southwestern corner of the room, in which important documents, papers about company’s assets, files of important projects, cash etc are stored. (This matter is from Embedding it in the wall is also a good idea or it has exposed openly at Southwest part on a high dais / platform / solid rock bench. Similarly earmark a place in the North-West area of his room where files which need to be attended by other officers.

The middle management cadre staff should be placed in North & East zones. Effort should be made to keep the center of the premises to be always clean. Usually cordon it off and place a floral motif on the floor, a piece of art, or the image of a deity to keep it tidy. Southeast is the corner for Fire, or appliances which generate heat. Earmark the South-Eastern or Agneya area for placement of Generators, Inverter, Electric Meter, main Power Switch, Computer servers, even the pantry.

It is important to ensure that no one should be sitting directly under a beam. If it is so, then the work desk needs to be shifted. This also applies to computers and other equipment. (This matter is from In like manner, there are specific directions for parking, toilets, warehouse, customer waiting area, stairs, elevators, external surroundings, direction of the main entrance of the building and so on.

Shifting your office to Other Place:

If you are planning to shift to a new premises then identify a good Vastu location where to shift. The energy of the new location should support the growth and financial success of your business. There are several cases where the business has not done well after shifting its premises. (This matter is from Offices should be designed keeping in mind the balance in the movement of work and the hierarchy of authority.

If offices are not made according to these principles, the absence of balance would lead to loss in efficiency, and lack of control in running the organization. Start with noting the directions using a compass from the center of the office, and mark all the eight directions. Vaastu considers South to be the best direction. The ancient texts emphasize on the synergy between South direction and the tenth house of one’s horoscope. Hence the managing director, chief executive or the officer in charge in their absence should occupy this direction. For better results they should face towards North but if not possible it could be East direction.

If the subordinates are placed in the south and the officer in the Agni corner i.e. South East then they would soon witness ego clashes and the subordinate would be in a strong position to disobey his officer and dominate the scene. The South East corner is meant for those who are indulged in research work or involved in innovative and pragmatic projects. Ideally, laboratories, computers or control panels should be located in this corner. A drawback of this corner is that it brings aggressiveness in the temperament, which is fatal not only for the subordinates but also for the organization. The public relation officers should never sit in this corner. (This matter is from Such officers should also not sit in basement or under beams. ‘South-West’ has not been given importance and was meant for weaponry. If the higher officials sit in Eshan i.e. Northeast it would not be as beneficial as it would leave the other more important Vaastu positions for the subordinates. Position facing North should be followed but if not possible, it can be East.

Almirahs and racks should be placed in Nairuthi i.e. Southwest. Heavy furniture and things should not be in north or (Northeast) Eshan. Officer Desk has to be placed in Southwest part. For the purpose of office it helps the office run smoothly. Officer cabin has to be placed at southwest or west or south parts of the office. No permanent construction should be done in ‘Brahmasthan’, or the central point. It is often said that water should be in North-east direction but this rule is applicable only with underground water tanks. So, water can be kept as per convenience.

The canteen or pantry, however, should be in the southeast direction or the second best is Northwest. The sitting arrangement of the cashier should be aloof from other employees. His sitting arrangement should not be in South or South-west as this may make them lethargic and exhausted, creating problems for the employer. The best place for the cashier is North, which is also the abode of Kubera, the God of Wealth. Employees occupying the West corner of the office are often found more talkative and may leak the confidential matters. Instead, West direction is best for training purposes. The conference hall is best in the north-west direction. (This matter is from The flow of ideas is best in this corner. The Office desk has to be placed at southwest corner and boss or head of the office has to occupy this seat. He will have regular Northeast access, it leads to success in all works, domination on entire premises.

This corner is also suitable for waiting lounge. Employees with high temperament should be given North-east corner. Less talented people should initially be given west direction and then should be shifted to South-east direction. A pro vaastu door is very important for the growth of the office. The higher officials should be in South, next to them in West and those related to reception or display activity should be in Northeast.

Regarding Vastu for Office cubicle, we have to follow some principles, check the cubicles link. Now corporate companies are also interested to check their properties with vastu consultants for bright future. They are also facing lots of issues, like getting work, payments, staff and labor problems, heavy competition, payments, rents, salaries, maintenance etc.

Can observe here the suggested typical part the boss would follow, it starts from Southwest towards Northeast which would mean he starts from authority to compassion. (The same was shown in this image, please wait for 5 seconds here for the moment / animated).Northeast walks renders no tension in the work and has enjoyed the relaxed job, and no tensions, success may be their address and in their ventures, may experience the secure feeling, staff co-operation observed, good name and fame, staff will obey boss orders, easy work, getting chances for more profitable ventures, new projects, good income, relaxed life, more interest on life due to fresh work orders, he ‘can’ manage any thing if the entire premises was built according with the vastu principles. Once one may follow some basic principles they may observe changes in their efforts. Can possible to see colors in their new life and in their endeavor job etc.

Chairman Chambers

Please note that this is an attempt to spread the techniques of good life to every body here through this vastu website. One should be careful when wanted to follow techniques here. One should not operate operation by reading books, better to approach one specialist doctor to solve their health problems instead of doing their own practical attempts, like wise in vastu also we request every body not to follow any thing without vastu experts suggestions.

What we are planning here : –

Where to place Chairman (Owner, Boss, CMD, MD, Director, Manager ) room :

In which direction Chairman (Owner, Boss, CMD, MD, Director, Manager ) has to sit :

Through which way he has to go outside or from which door has to access the office and Car shed :

Best direction for Office Desk :

Office Cubicle arrangements for easy access to the Management with good vastu principles :

Staff sitting positions :

Stocks Maintenance placements :

Purchase Department Placement :

Sales Department Placements :

Discussion on Sitting under Beam :

PA to Chairman Placement : ( PA may be in the same room or separate room )

Office main door placement and its importance :

Windows and their placements :

Which direction the staff has to sit :

Best place for Dining room :

Place provision for exercise instruments :

Along with above placements we are also planning good vastu consultancy guidance for Real Estate Offices in different cities like Mumbai (Bombay), New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore (Bengaluru). When work finishes for Real Estate offices, then they will also grow in their businesses.

Here we will provide many suggestions to the limited companies / company. Work is going on, at any time we will upload those files to this page.

Before going below, please note that ” this science of Vastu only works on Time“, it means if one may taken a office on rent for only 2 months, then he may not get all qualities of such property within 2 months, either good or bad results. Atleast he has to stay there from 6 to one year+, after that only he may get effects of the property. For short periods, no need to check vastu for category 1 and category 2 people. For Category 3 people it should require compulsory property verification/evaluation before taking rent or constructing office.

Vastu for Office in Dubai:

We visited one Office for vastu consultancy at Dubai. There Owner/Chairman/Boss occupies North/Northeast part of the office, entire office staff was approximately 25 in number and all are occupied the other directions/parts of the office, here this image is not as per scale. The office main entrance door was towards Southeast and Boss chambers was came to North/Northeast parts, its not exactly Northeast but it touches the Northeast quadrant. The entrance door to the boss chamber is also towards Southwest-south, all these setting spoiled them and getting heavy losses in their concern. Factotum may sit at any place but chairman or owner should occupy the Southwest parts of the premises. Northeast-east door is recommended. Boss chambers has to be placed towards Southwest part, the entrance door may be fixed to Northeast-east if the chamber was crossed the North center line, if not the door may be set Northeast-north.

Southeast entrance

Vastu Office in Abu Dhabi:

One Office at Abu Dhabi, it has Northwest-north door and the Boss chamber was towards Southwest, you are well aware that setting boss chambers towards Southwest brings augurs to the concern, but the location of the main entrance door is important, that we should not forget it. Here the main entrance door was placed towards Northwest-north and boss chambers entrance door placed towards North. After getting huge loss and creating many debts and more disturbances to their transactions they looked for Vastu shastra consultancy. They spent almost 7,50,000 Dirhams on that property only for decoration and maintenance. Its an biggest office, having 70+ staff. Northwest-north door may not brings luck to the property. It has to be modified, we done the changes as per the provisions supported there. Tough to explain them, because the outside structure was very rare.

Northwest entrance door

Vastu for Office in Sharjah:

This Sharjah office was very difficult to run. The Boss chambers was placed towards entire East portion and door was towards Southwest-west, the main property door was also fixed towards Southwest-west. Boss floor was elevated 18 inches height. After operating their works from here, they lost reputation and non-co-operation of clients, dramatic issues came to face. They lost their entire stamina to face only the issues arises there. They lost the control over entire system due to one after another critical issues. By seeing all the problems owner got heavy health disorders. Following vaasthu principles may make distance to cardiac arrests, high blood pressure and digestive disorders. That is why our site exhausts harmony, high productivity with peaceful nature. After reading the articles in our site, you may design a nature friendly property and achieving a sense of rhythm in work atmosphere. Owner always occupies Southwest, South or West parts only. Entrance doors should not be placed towards Southwest parts. Elevation towards East spoils the control. It should not be elevated at any cost.

Southwest main door

Is East facing main entrance door is good, Ras Al Khaima, UAE property discussion?

Generally many people says that East facing main entrance door is excellent for any consent including residence also. We are also accepting the same rule, but, where is that East facing door and in which part of the property, how is the property, location of the property, shape of the property, nature of the property every thing we should check, without knowing more information, we should not say any dialogue. Worth on the word is important before pronouncing. Check this property, we have argued with client, later we got good information on this property and later we found that the property is like this way. Is this a good one for happy running of a concern ? Vaastu friendly properties emphasizes great features and orientations those promote excellent interpersonal relationships. Now a days entire world is facing horrible competition. Intelligent entrepreneur always search all the ways how to bring more revenue to his organization. He won’t leave even a small opportunity. So care has to be taken when deal with any property in the name of vastu. Following vastu is not a evil.

East facing door

Just observe the above image and this image, odd shaped structures, the above image is part “D” here. If you likes to buy or rent this kind, then without approaching an Expert Vastu Consultant, don’t decide, keep pending until expert is available. If your position is conditionally take one here, then select “C”. Though it has some objections but no options, do or die, then go with “C”. Some clients / visitors / customers / property owners are simply stick to a theory that all East facing door properties are good ? for peaceful life generally a vastu pandit asks many questions on a property, please co-operate with them. Only brilliant people co-operate with vastu experts, Looser never, because of their bad period. Hope you are coming under smart rational inventive bay. Utilize the ideas and step into new ventures. There is approximately 7.4 billion + population in the world, every one has two legs, two hands, one mouth, two eyes, etc, but all are not coming into same personality, color, knowledge, luck, height, weight etc. The same also applies to all directional properties.

odd shaped structure

In other countries style and shape in construction is different and in India its different, now a days in India also many properties are constructing the properties by applying foreign country models. Latest competitive world, everybody is striving for profits and success. Stress at work, Increased working hours, cut-throat competition makes all imperative to create the right ambiance at the workplace. Please note that the principles of Vaasthu Shastra applies in selecting and designing a house / plot / site or any commercial space also applies to offices.

If you followed vasthu principles to an establishment leads to maximization in profits, growth in future and prosperity, developing brand image, stress – free work climate, amicable atmosphere, career development, productivity levels.

Keep it in mind before selecting the land for any structure. If you are going to start your dream work place, then some points should be kept in mind before start the work.

Planning to constructing the Building :

1. Land selection with good surroundings support. General topography around your office building should be atleast meet the basic vaastu principles.

2. Constructing the work place building with nature principles.

3. Concentrate on the bright light and balanced air flow into the structure.

4. Elevations and depressions in structures at various parts of the building.

5. Requires more concentration in selecting the exact portion for the Chairman chambers.

6. Staff placement should be in ideal places.

7. Files section has to be pointed.

8. Research team chambers has to be carefully planned.

9. Visitors lounge should be pointed at some areas which should not be disturb the general activities.

10. Packaging sections has to be pointed at exact placements.

11. Toilets / restrooms / bathrooms has to be carefully planned.

12. Guest rooms has to be placed at an exact places where it should not disturb the other activities.

13. The structures which are unfriendly orientations should not be planned, if so it requires demolition at any point of time.

14. Chairs should not be placed under the exposed beams. Generally beams magnified the power on the ground, so we should not plan the chairs under the beams.

15. There should not be any structure which has sharp edge or angle opposite to the Chairman/Managing Director chambers or chairs, otherwise one has to face many threats.

16. Plan for the lawns, greenery brings good energies to the company.

17. Using carpet at premises attracts clients.

Planning to take renting the property :

1. Selection of the space within an existing property.

2. Placement of the chambers, toilets should be friendly as per vasthu.

3. Interior planning may be carefully planned.

4. The cabins or cubicles or work stations should not disturb each other, the passage/corridors/roads leads to the cubicles should be more friendly other cubicle.

5. If there is only a bigger hall and one is planning for the cubicles or chambers or rooms, then it is a wise idea to get an experts opinion at this starting stage.

6. Interior layout and design should be more accommodate, comfort, look and feel. More colors attracts more clients. Now a days, attraction is too important and huge effect on balance of harmony and money. Spent some thing on interior design and excellent style work.

7. Proper orientation and selecting the placement of cubicles and cabins in prescribed areas/zones deposits flow of positive energies entire the premises.

8. All departments in the premises plays an important role, make sure that every thing should be planned accordingly. For example sales department should not be planned at Southwest or South parts.

9. The property should be square or rectangular in shape. Beware of ODD shaped properties, L-shaped properties, protruding corners. All “L” shaped properties are not good. Some may create sharp angles or curve which may leads to ill health.

10. At any cost don’t take the Northeast loss property or Northeast curved property.

10. The atmosphere should be more comfortable and reflect some thing about of your honesty, reliability, and transparency in work.

The success came only through the qualities which we strictly follow, there is no short cuts or short passages. Hard work never fails. God only supports, who work hard in their field.

Do you plan to start a construction, then here is some information on placement of doors.

Here is the East facing property, observe the main entrance door where it has to planned here. The green mark area is the good place for setting main entrance door, the red mark is ?. Generally East entrance doors ensures for inflow of generating new thoughts, good ideas, name and fame and success. You may ask one question, what about West, for West properties there may not be possible for East door, there are some balancing techniques andtips are there, the expert who visits the property will recommend you those tips, these should be express after the observation of the property.

Plan every thing as per vastu shastra and start running your work at the premises, it blesses you with strengthen security and attractive benefits and peace.

East entrance door

West Entrance Door :

Observe the green and red parts of West direction here and center line marked with one arrow and text. Green part is the good place for placing the main entrance door, the red part is not auspicious. Avoid red part area for main entrance doors. Generally untidiness/slovenly/disordered entrances are inauspicious. Front door attraction is too important for any concern. Ensure that it was made with good quality wood. Double check the doors, they should not create noise, creek while opening and closing them. The main entrance or front door should be more attractive and bigger one. They should not be slanting and crooked one. One should not stand on the door center part when discussing with others, instruct your serving boys, not to stand on center of the doors. For this property Northeast-east or atleast one window is suggested.

West entrance door

South Entrance Door:

As usual the center point was same as shown above. It was pointed with one arrow and text. Green part is the good part for placing main entrance door and red portion is not auspicious. When you are planning for South or West direction properties, you have to observe many more things for equality of natural forces enter into property, it is possible when the surroundings supports the property and our efforts to optimize structure with nature / five elements. Our sincere recommendation is its good idea, if you approach one best vastu specialist in executing your dreams. He drag all the resources and sources make the property as a successful work place. Northeast-north door or atleast one window is also recommended.

West main door

Generally North doors brings luck to the business concerns, this is general idea in between folks and some vaasthu pandits, if we planned carefully on South facing doors property we may get more profits than the North one’s, it may not be possible if its the rented property. Owner’s property we may do experiments. Red part is not good for main entrance door and green part is the best suitable place for door. This door should be very bigger one than all other inside doors. There should not be any obstructions opposite to the door, avoid them. Avoid Northwest cross passages jutting into your doors. The nearby areas and all surroundings of the main entrance door should be very clean and clear. Generally the shoe racks are a biggest issue for most of the properties, you may observe the below photos

North entrance

If you wish to know more about doors and their positions and other things, you may visit this link

Shoe Racks :

What is this, its a file rack, or keeping cloths here, no its a shoe rack, its very simple to use and easy to access and stand on a wall silently, it does not occupies more space. Some properties, may not have more space, for them this shoe racks are the highly recommended. Observe this shoe rack image. It was hanged to one wall and it never disturbs any body, look wise also very good and seen that a wise item was bought to our property. In western countries users may enter into any office with their shoes, chappals etc, but in India some offices/people wont allow with shoes or chappals, the difference is in some countries there is no dust, but in India, most of the places may has dust and our elders says that one should not enter the home with shoes as dust/bacteria may enter into home with this shoes. Their words are always correct. Keeping shoe rack at entrance of the office is unfavorable to many owners/bosses, then this would be the best choice.

Shoe racks

Now it is in open mode and the platform was lengthy for keeping shoes / boots or footwear, this may accommodate high heals or flat ones, sandals may easily occupies the area. The cost of this shoe rack is also not much, its price is almost equal when compare with other racks, but look wise and pleasant wise we never get crummy mood. Our premises should always maintain with rich atmosphere, class in ambiance, one’s impression wise and expectation wise should not fail, your only one hour or two hours concentration on this minor things may improve your business or opportunities, if you are healthy in money wise your surroundings will also healthy and rich.

standing shoe racks

This photo was taken from another direction or angle, now the entire box is clearly visible. After keeping shoes, we may close it, so shoes and sandals were not publicly visible and may not irritate your office visitors. Each and every thing should be properly arranged and visitor should feel pure of convenient in your office premises, they should feel total relax with the atmosphere that you were created. Once he was relaxed and sit back the orders will be confirmed and you may earn more money. Your institution may get improved in getting good name in market and called as successful organization. With the help of very small things also we may get changes in our business. This is the only reason the western country people were strictly followed and maintaining clearing in their homes and offices. Once we reach their offices we feel relax and observe systematic way of arranging items and furniture.

open mode of shoe rack

A Basic setting plan:

We have divided the block into total 9 portions and each portion has its own name. We published numbers for your kind information.

1. Northeast Portion
2.East Portion
3. Southeast Portion
4.South Portion
5. Southwest Portion
6. West Portion
7. Northeast Portion
8. North Portion
9. Center Part or Brahmasthan.

Below it was divided into proper portions.

open mode of shoe rack

Below is the areas/zones for prescribed departments or sections to be fixed as per the direction representations. Please note that interior decoration is the most important and it should be more colorful and attraction. Once attraction generates then automatically positive power percentage increases. Playing of mild music is also too important. Particularly in Brahmasthan avoid pillar, particularly rounded pillar. Before starting the construction make sure that no round pillar is arranged there.

Some may success and some may not?. Some properties may have Neighborhood support, some may not have such support. Here we have mentioned the right zones in an organization that may lead to leading in success levels. At any cost Chairman should not be occupied the Northeast corner. He should occupy only the Southwest parts of the premises. South indicates security of wealth, so it should not be disturbed and not depressed. The pantry or kitchen may be planned at Southeast corners/parts of the premises. Southeast corner is the ideal place and you may plan for the transformers, inverters and generators, electrical main switch etc as this represents fire.

Toilets best placement is the Northwest, and this Northwest part is the best ideal place for the sales and marketing departments. Northeast is strictly prohibited for Toilets and transformers, otherwise it may pollutes the entire positive power situated in the office.

open mode of shoe rack

When one enters into office, he should visit again, that atmosphere has to create at the premises, the reception area is the most key post in getting information of the nature of the business. This reception may offers guests to be wait for their turn, it may be better to show all of your products in the reception area, all may be well designed, if so it may overall impressive feedback to the visitors. This reception area may be planned as per the main entrance of the office.

Now you are observing the reception room, all the visitors may have seated at these places. Sofa’s are placed towards South and West walls only. Visitors face towards North or East directions only. The entrance for this room may be Northeast-north or Northeast-east is preferable, if this reception room is at Northeast for the entire building, then you may place the door at any part towards North or East, yes you are correct, any place towards North and East directions. Because this reception room occupied Northeast then why should we worry about Northeast-north or Northeast-east etc. Even North and East also preferable. You may happily place the entrance door at North or East.

If the entire office North to South is more than this room length then you may place the door even towards Southeast, yes you read correctly. Here its not giving any bad results. Let us check the same below.

Reception Room

Almost all vastu consultants not accepted for the Southeast doors, but we have proved that even Southeast doors also giving good results, how its possible, just check the below image, the reception room is having Southeast door, if we calculate the entire property from North to South then the door came only towards Northeast only, then for the reception room it was came towards Southeast. Logic is important here. This Southeast door never gives any bad results to the property, please note that below we have shown only a example image.

Is Southeast-east door is good?

Hope you have observed this image carefully. check the white line at East side, there is no need to provide any measurements here, its very very clear that the remaining part of the South side for the reception area is too big, double check every thing, then you may observe complete information here. Please note that we have shown only examples here, again we wrote that this is the examples of logic in Vaasthu Shastra. We have not shown any furniture as shown in above, because our concept is whether the Southeast doors are good or bad. Anyway by seeing the website content and reading the books and taking suggestions is totally wrong method. Please understand the concept of this science. Its an weapon in our hand to get success in our life. Make use of the secrets of this science and get success and peace.

Southeast door

The reception area creates first impression to the visitors, so it should be having flowers or potted plants well-lit, aesthetic, loop music that has to create pleasant feeling warm welcome the visitors, make sure that this portion should be filled with bright colors with attracted designs.

Proper maintenance and cleaning the outside area with water is recommended, observe the small garden in this premises, appearance sticks to this part while entering into inside. There are lots of bigger gardens are there at many properties. Its an example which we are published here for your kind understanding purpose, this very small garden area locks the visitors eye sight, their eye ball will be broaden when once they come up with this nature ambiance of attraction, very small techniques may changes in your transactions and contracts. When compare with other expenditures in your office, you may not loose lots of money on this maintenance and attractions to the premises. Its very easier to follow, only thing is one should have patience in concentrating to develop of such ideas. You are wise and intelligent, so start following of such thoughts by today only, sorry by right now only. Commence now and enjoy the overall benefits to your organization.


Some pictures was taken in an office and observe the cleaning and maintenance in their premises.

This is an office reception area, already a visitor was waiting for the Chairman appointment. Go through the below images, how they are maintaining their premises with high quality, standards, information and look. As per our internal rule, we don’t want to express or publish this office name at our website. Their yearly business crossed 250 crores of rupees. The chairman always looking, observing, vigilance the entire premises and amending new systems of maintenance and cleaning. Once the visitor enters here, they never go back without contract, such atmosphere was created here. A boy was deputed to serve to the visitors with water, coffee, tea, cool drinks or other requirements. This office boy was not doing any other internal works, he is kept only for visitors needs to be fulfilled.

reception area

Observe the chairman door, windows and waiting sofa set here. These images are very smaller and we cannot show you the full images. Particularly observe the cleaning and color effects of this office area. If one has visited this office premises area their feel is different and getting that feel is not possible by just observing images here.

Door and windows

The visitor is tempted and taking the photos at this office premises. Observe the sofa set setting and a medal which was placed at corner. Honestly speaking we cannot show you the pleasant atmosphere in a photo here.

Photo frames

Check the display of awards which the company got for their best performance. Like wise you may set the entire awards in a good manner and proper cleaning is also needed and which was so important. Dust should not be form, regular maintenance is highly appreciate. Without your hard work you may not get success in your life, if you thought of getting rest in your works, your competitor time/luck starts then. If you work continuously then your competitor luck fallen and finally your clients may recommend your name to their other friends. Interior decoration is a very good idea to follow in the office.


Observe the awards. Reception area is the suitable place to keep maximum awards. If there is any remaining you may place same at chairman chambers in a showcase. But the best placement of keeping awards is reception area. Start work from today and your goal is not too longer to reach, when you work hard, your goal is very near to you, when you take rest continuously and enjoying other things, your goal will more very far from you. Hard work, hard work, this is the only a best suitable mantra for your victory. Take the leaders, icons of the society, successful businessmen.

Company Awards

Ganesha placement at an office brings luck. Lord Ganesha also called as God Of Beginning, has honored at the time of start of all ceremonies and rituals. He is also invoked as patron of learning during writing sessions. Many biggest concerns also starts every thing only with Ganapathi / Vinayaka / Ganesh Maharaj. Do regular poojas to bhagawan, his blessings always be with you. Once you got his blessings + your hard work + maintenance + proper cleaning + arranging amenities in the office premises all these will helps you to get success in your carrier. You may also plan for mild loop music in the office premises, it reduces the tension and entire body will be relaxed and works will go smooth. Daily arrange one Joke at notice board, staff enjoys the fresh jokes and it improves their abilities to work more, surprise gifts also makes a difference in your business. Think different and welcome luck in your life.

Ganesha at Reception area

Kitchen Locations :

Kitchen has to be best suitable towards Southeast at the office. If this place is not accommodated then plan towards Northwest part. Check the below images for kitchen locations.

This is the best suitable place for Kitchen. There is a measurement method, that most of the expert vastu consultants knows about it. Please visit Kitchen link when you planned to fix up at this place. This is the best suitable place out of all other places in the premises. Don’t provide any door at East or Northeast door from this room to outside. Generally Northeast doors are very good, but here that rule is not at all applicable.

kitchen placement

Don’t plan cooking section at Northeast corner. Hearth is auspicious once it was fixed at Southeast corner.

Northwest kitchen, this is next best placement. The vasthu specialists can easily provides the measurements for this room at this location. Don’t plan any door at North or Northeast-north from this room to outside. That is totally wrong method. Some firms ruined when they have given door to outside from this room at Northeast-north.

Northwest Kitchen

Please don’t place at Northeast, where it was shown in the below image.

Here is the hearth was constructed towards Northeast, this is one of the most negative placement for Kitchen as it represents water. If you have already Kitchen at this place, first check whether that would be open one or closed one, there is some different rules are there for Indian properties and other country properties like Western countries etc. Most of the things which here was published only to the Indian properties.

Northeast Kitchen at office
Some properties may be good to leave or not to buy :

This is Northeast truncated / cross depression property, it may not be good to have healthy transactions. Should be most alert when searching for properties.

Northeast truncated
Truncated property :

This property may also be ruin the concern in long run or short run. One should be buy or taking rent this property. But in some cases these properties may also high light when they has street focus effectsetc. If your property is already like this, then please approach one vasthu specialist and take his recommendations, we have done experiments and got results when the properties are like this, but before doing the corrections we should carefully taken the measurements and has to observe all the surroundings etc.

Northeast cut

Three roads office in Bahrain:

This “A” property may be weak, when compare with “B” property. If your searching for the Offices and it has three roads like West, North and South roads, then it may not be auspicious one. East open is more important for fame and name, if one property is having good East, particularly Offices, then it will brings them luck and healthy transactions. This science can help ease the situation as well as consolidate your position. It suffers when there is no East for your property, it augurs ill effects when there is no North also.

three roads property

There are many more things has to observe before buying or an agreement for payment of temporary use. Please note that short term hiring, rental, agreement is different when compare with long term rentals. If your requirement may be long term then its always better to approach one expert in this field, or if your requirement may be short period and spending more money on the property for good and lavish look, then also you have to approach one expert in this field.

Some instructions to Boss: Sitting under a beam is not good and never sit keeps your back to the door. Your Southwest part should be occupied with some thing looks great. Stick or hang the images which feels heavier like mountains or sky scrappers towards South, West and Southwest of your sitting areas. A think/strong wall is proposed to have to your back when you are facing towards East or North. Many are interested to have a window to their back, if you are sitting at Southwest room and there is a window behind your seat and you are facing towards East then the backyard SHOULD be cover with one strong wall, other wise that window will damage your routine job work. In between the window and backyard wall, you may plant heavy trees or creepers or crotons, it yields great results.

Color / paints to the boss chamber:

The West and South walls may be thick paint and East and North walls may be light in colors, for example if you likes blue then think blue color may be suggested to your South and West walls and very light or sky blue may be suggested for North and East walls. Innovation is important for more attraction. Here is a sample for your best understanding. A small difference in colour theme may change entire atmosphere.

plain colour

Human brain is more attracted with colors, designs, light, sounds. Then encash it by doing small modifications of your ideas. Gloomy premises never attracts any body.

plain colour

The above are only for samples, you may choose any colors, any theme, any design, but it should be pleasant.

Table placement locations :

Here table at chambers was placed towards Northeast part, this is wrong location. Table towards Northeast quadrant is also not recommended. Boss faces towards South direction.

Northwest office table

Here the chairman or Boss is facing towards West side and the table was placed at Northeast quadrant in the same chambers. This is also wrong method.

Southwest door

One should not place the table towards East part and facing towards West, fame loss and loosing name or forcibly the office may works for some period based on the surroundings support.

East table

Now table came towards Southeast, which was always creates tensions. Don’t plan like this. The results may be become different in some particular way based on the neighborhood vaasthu reflection.

Southeast placement

Now table was fixed at same place, but owner faces towards North which was little good than the above one. But no vasthu specialist recommend this system to sit at this place. This may be the suitable place for the typist or secretary, if he/she compulsory requires to stay them at his own chambers, otherwise no body may be appointed at this corner.

Southeast table

This is good place for chairman occupied place. But there should be some thing filled at Southwest, then this may be good place. This arrangement may be good if the room is having more measure towards North to South. If this room is having more place at East to West than North to South, then this may not be the suitable position.

South table

Here the table was at same position as stated at above. Only difference is owner is facing towards East direction. This method is good if the East to West measurement is more than the North and South measurements. Make sure that the back yard i.e., Southwest there should be some thing material or Iron safe is most recommended.

South and east facing table

This is one of the excellent position at boss / Chairman chamber. If this room is having more space towards East to West than the North to South then this system of sitting is perfect. If North to South is greater than the East to West measurement, this sitting (East facing while sitting) not at all wrong.

Southwest sitting

This is also one of the best sitting position in the Office, this main seat (Chairman or Managing Director) is facing towards North. This is more good when this room is having more space at North to South than the East to West directions, it enriches with more benefits. Many people are now looking only simple things in the office, but please note that the neighborhood plays an important and vital role in Vastu shastra. Only expert Vastu specialist can find out the problems and can recommend the right suggestions.

Southwest facing towards North

This is also one of the recommended sitting place. It will have more East space, it blesses with easy works, good name and fame, when compare with Southwest sitting place this may not fulfill that much of strengthen results and peace.

West sitting

This is Northwest sitting placement, its not at all recommended for the speculations business people and shares offices etc. This is not suitable for the people who are mentally weak. It always creates financial losses or financial tensions. But it can provide good loans, creditors will come and provide attractive amounts. If the neighborhood supports then results may be vary.

Northwest sitting placement

Here sitting facing towards South, this is little more difficult than the above one.

Please note that we have disclosed all the information based on only one table, we are not discussed if there is two or three tables in a chamber.


Where exactly Secretary or PA sitting place has to be planned in a chamber?

Many people are asking us where to place a seat for their secretary or PA. Now herewith we are describing some information on this subject.

Secretary or PA may sit at any place except Southwest part. The recommended part for them is Northwest or Southeast. Or finally they may sit at Northeast corner side also , but at any cost it should not be closed with any plank or sheet or cubicle etc. Please be remind this before doing the corrections.

secretary or PA

Is arranging cross tables at Office is good?

Some vastu consultants are advising some office people to arrange the table with cross placements to get more positive powers enter into the chambers and success ratio will be hike. Now we will discuss on this issue here.

Have you found in some offices, chairman or boss or head of the department is placing the table like this way. Is they get more benefits by arranging the table like this way. We have collected reviews on this system, we did not get any high percentage of “YES” for this arrangements. Many have changed again to the normal position where previously it was arranged. What exactly happens if the table was placed tilted. Check the below image, how the walks are damaging the entire system.

cross sitting

Observe the wrong walks when come out from the table. As we discuss earlier with many clients who are using this tilt table positions, many told us after putting the tilt they did not observe high changes but their visitors laugh on them by putting the skewed table. It is more inconvenient what they felt. After some days many were again changed to back, Why?

Placing the table as per room walls is the correct system. If we changed it may be looks ugly to some body, may be it affect on your business. Becareful. if you feels its good then you may continue. We don’t have any objection, but we are not at all recommending this system.

Now you are observing the cross tables located at Southwest part of the room, now observe same at different directions.

cross walks

Here table was placed towards Northeast, which may not provide any good results, it may harm the entire system which falls negative to the organization.

northeast tilt

Now faces towards Northwest and placing towards Southeast, this is wrong method. Don’t plan like this.

Southeast cross sitting

Facing towards Southeast and siting at Northwest, this is not the good way of placement. Don’t plan like this.

By seeing the above five images, we came to understand that only the one which faces towards Northeast may be the convenient when compare with the other directions. Now you may decide which one is better to have the right place for permanent sitting.

Northwest part tilted sitting

Sitting under beam may only brings bad luck. Don’t sit or sleep under the beam, now what to do, if compulsory to occupy the premises for your business or house hold, its simple, arrange one complete POP, then the problem will solves. This is the only system we have to arrange with very less cost.

sitting under beam

Is Southwest part is safe for the chairman?Certainly, Yes. This is the safe part for the chairman, then why in some places the business concerns are failed, though chairman / Managing director selected the Southwest parts. Observe below

Just 4 days back (23.01.2014) we found one multinational company chairman office at New Delhi (place changed), and found some mistakes. Approximately 2000 employees are working with the company. Previously this company is having a great reputation and possessed lots of awards for their excellency in completing the projects. Its an well mannered company and later changed to a new office, chairman occupies the Southwest part (which is right place), within 2 years, company lost many projects, now facing a crucial period and fails to pay even salaries to its employees. After visiting the office we found that the anti room was located towards Southwest and Conference room was located towards North side, due to the doors, both Northwest and Southeast were extended here, this came under secret vastu.

Some people may take decisions in hurry moments or guided by wrong persons, due to some untold situations considering the opinions and entering into wrong positions. Some intelligent people never do mistakes, they will call the expert vastu pandits and availing their recommendations and succeeded in their businesses.

chairman chambers

If you are looking for an office, then first check the main entrance door. Where exactly it was positioned and what about the structure and any loss of Northeast etc has to find. See this office at an complex. Elevator and its consequences. You are well aware that Northeast entrance properties are excellent to have good business, in continuation of this same statement, we should not take some Northeast entrance door properties, why? check below.

Its an office, it has Northeast entrance door and 45 employees accommodate property. Its not a smaller one. CMD occupies Southwest part and it was almost meets with latest vastu techniques. Before taking this property, Chairman has read some books and discussed with his friends who has some vastu knowledge and enter into contract for long period. Next year, he found gradual decrease in business and many litigation arises. One false case was imposed and faced troubles with investigation team. This office was located at Singapore. What is the problem here, its very simple, it has Southeast corridor focus and creates many issues. If he was taken consultation before entering into agreement, he may never falls into spider net. He is a genuine and always looking only experts advise in all kinds of works. He told us it was a great mistake in his life, and wrongly guided by his friends. Within 19 months his entire total loss and expenditure was crossed 2 lac Sing dollars, SGD. He is nice person and always maintaining quality in all of his activities / selection. .

Street focus

Elevator towards Northeast is good or bad?

Elevator or lift was placed in between two portions as shown in this image. South portion is having Northeast main entrance door and North portion is having Southeast main entrance door. It was in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Before taking this property, he read at some where that Northeast main door is excellent, by knowing this fact, he was taken this South portion, but did not observed Northeast cut in the name of Lift. If every thing was went good, then why he requires vastu consultation. He is also an well mannered and handle every thing police and requires always quality in all works. He said that he was wrong guided by one vasthu consultant at New Delhi and further he stated that he has some other options to choose properties before entering into contract with this one.


Blind Office Extension spoils the successful organization :

Some times why the life was suddenly changed we may not expect, but it happens in many life. A fancy income growing company suddenly collapsed with partners fight. Upto 8 years of nonstop journey, they never seen such a drastic situations. Suddenly an offer came and they blindly accepted and extended the backyard. You may check it with red letters “Extension”. Actually this firm requires another entrance, it was their bad time and entered with wrong agreement and extended the main office towards Southeast. After correcting this defect and many hurdles and compromise talks, only two were joined together and started transactions.

Lesson for us is, if our firm is running smooth, and any extensions if we require, what we have to do first ?, yes you are correct, we should take experts advise.


Is corner Doors are good?Hope you may observe some corner doors for some properties, is these corner doors are good?.

Have you observe the corner doors here. We found many like this type of doors, particularly in foreign countries. This may be common in foreign lands, but in India this is not a common style.

We invented many systems after many researches in vastu shastra, one of them is “SubhaVaastu Spreading Rule“, based on this new system “SubhaVaastu spreading rule” applies in all lands. We will discuss largely on this rule in other pages. The force may be very high or may be low in some areas with the same structure and style, why?, it wil elaborately discuss under researches page.

Anyway this system of placing door is not giving good results to the concern, but note that, short time results are unbelievable, highest returns may also expect due to this door. Not at all recommended for long run.

Southwest corner door

Now this property is having Northwest main entrance door, which creates many disturbances in financial terms. For some period, this may enhances new offers, new hopes and new contracts to the company, but one day they knows what effects it was created and what loss they got.

Please note that this structure may be general in foreign lands, but may not be natural and general in Indian lands, so the force will be very high in India and lesser in other lands which these structures are common, already we have discussed about new system “SubhaVaastu Spreading Rule” in above para. Better you may search for other properties, if it is compulsory to sign the contract due to your requirements, then there is a way to rectify it, find one expert in this field and show the property, he can handle it.

Northwest corner

This is Northeast facing corner door. Due to this system there is Northeast truncation was appears here. Loss of Northeast is not recommended for any property. Becareful.

Northeast corner door

This structure is having Southeast facing main entrance door, for certain period fame increases here, and on the same way damage also observed to name and fame. Clashes, struggle, failure of contracts, disputes in between partners etc are observed here, closure of the firm may be happen in long run.

Please remember about “SubhaVaastu Spreading Rule”, it is also applies to this property. Short period it may not effect on the organization, but in long run it may evaporates the sources of organization standards.

Southwest corner door

Below is the entire blocks and corner doors.

You may find all four blocks and corner doors in this image. Now you may understand the above four corner doors.

Service to the human is service to the God. Following Dharma (justice) always protects us. Our main goal is spreading this science to the entire world without any expectations for happy and peaceful living. We are not expecting any thing from you here, just inform this website information to your friends, they may be in need of such instructions or tips. Thanks in Advance for your kind support to our free information website.



Mr. Suresh (Founder of this website) has visited below countries for Vastu Consultation:

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Some of the funny or believable or unbelievable things which happens in our life, we cannot express with others with smile or wept on these situations, read those small things happen in our life, these may call as law of nature. May not having relation with Vastu Shastra. Take it as a fun.1. LAW OF QUEUE: If you change queues, the one you have left will start to move faster than the one you are in now.2. LAW OF TELEPHONE: When you dial a wrong number, you may never get an engaged Sound.

3. LAW OF MECHANICAL REPAIR: After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch.

4. LAW OF THE WORKSHOP: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.

5. LAW OF THE ALIBI: If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat (Puncture) tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire.

6. BATH THEOREM: When the body is immersed in water, then your telephone rings.

7. LAW OF ENCOUNTERS: The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.

8. LAW OF THE RESULT: When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, at that moment it will definitely works!

9. LAW OF BIOMECHANICS: The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.10. LAW OF COFFEE: As soon as you sit down for a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee become cold.